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Raja Mela Thalam offers a unique array of products that potrays the cultural traditions of India. We bring the best of Indian heritage and religious rituals to enhance your life, touching every space and corner of your life. Our range of Temple drum machines are created with adequate care by adhering strictly to our policy of Fair quality and celebrating India's famed culture, religious festivities.. We manufacture products after deep research and all the parts of the Temple Machine are manufactured in-house to support our age-old heritage and preserve it in the process. The Arti Machines can be ordered online and get shipped globally

Our Origin:

The Founder of the company wanted to create an alternative for non-availability of adequate musicians for all temple across the country since India has high cultural heritage of combining music with worship. The electric drum bell he created for temple about three decades ago, at that time his machines were rarely found in India and of huge cost. To satiate his engineering curiosity he indigenised it which radically reduced the cost. Thus started the journey of Raja Melathalam in India! Today it has become a household name and revered due to its quality and sonorous sound. The Machine is so well manufactured with the best spare parts that it has a very long life with hardly any customer complaints. Today Raja Melathalam has achieved a market share of 70% in India’s arti machine market, with its 20 years brand legacy and 100+ dealers all over the country with close follow up by its technicians on a regular basis. Now our patrons across the globe can buy Aarti Machine online and get it delivered at their doorstep.


Raja MelaThalam was founded by a team with a passion for Hindu culture, and a goal to produce temple machine of impeccable quality with reasonable charges to make their lives richer and wholesome, besides holding aloft their spiritual nuances.

Why Us:

  Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) is our motto for excellence.

  Since we have our manufacturing units we source our requirements from the customers for sustainable quality standards.

  We have the sterling infrastructure and professional support to manufacture products of world-class standards.

  Main objective of this invention is to eliminate the non-availability of manpower required by temples for playing instruments.

  Highly Durable and easy to install.

  Genuine spares and customer service are available as post-sale services


We utilize only the highest-grade brass for the bells to give a golden sheen and a regal look. The reverberation is strong and long-lasting. The drums are made of unadulterated brass to maintain the deep booming tone.

Standardised components:

It is our company policy to manufacture our temple drum machines with standardized components. Uniformity in the spares enables easy repair and replacement of parts. We can boast of genuine spares for all our products, even after two decades of manufacture

Manufacture :

We have standardised assembly processes for every component of the musical instrument, to establish perfect sound quality. It undergoes rigorous 24-hour stress and quality test cycle, to determine the exact rhythm and endurance of the device to achieve the assigned benchmark

Post manufacture service :

Our post-sale services is something to reckon with. Our customer care certainly does not end with the delivery of the product. Since we have the industry practice of standardizing parts our older products can be serviced easily by providing drum kits for service. We have also developed a vast network of dealers pan India. Besides, we also persistently develop and upgrade all our products

Our network allows us to offer our customers easy access to repairs. Should you fall out of our network, we also offer demonstrated repairs.

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Intense research and development are undertaken to constantly improve the quality and the sound of the instrument. We are cognizant of the fact that research and development ideas contribute handsomely to the long-term success of the company and what it offers to customers.


Providing good plant manufacturing facilities leads to better working conditions for the labour, thus arresting attrition and poor output. Technical improvement in the manufacturing proves to reduce wastage of manpower and raw material and meeting deadlines by perfecting the manufacturing process leads to a flawless melathalams.


Endurance testing processes are one of the best in the industry to release the best instruments in the market. Our professionals do a stringent checking of the load level that the product can withstand within a particular time. Only the ones which pass these rigorous checks are offered to our clients.


A Raja Mela Thalam is of no use if it cannot beat at that perfect rhythm. Therefore the mechanism of rhythm cannot be less than perfect. We use the best raw material and have the exact skill needed to produce a perfect melody accompanied by the perfect drum beats


The best engineering brains of the industry are hired by us to manufacture the best products loved by our clientele. We need those perfect hands to build the perfect melathalam to please the Gods in our temples and homes.


This wonderful percussion instrument is electrically operated, has a free stand and produces divine music in the place of 5 musicians. Every part of the machine operates in perfect rhythm and harmonised precision. Without the sound of this melathalam, any temple ritual is incomplete. The bell produces a divine sound when turned on. The bell comes with a stand. The stand is used to fit the machine to the wall.