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    Rajan & Rajan Industries is a manufacturing industry based at Kanchipuram - "The City Of Thousand Temples" enclosing rich tradition followed through centuries. Even today, the city is informally refered as Vishnu Kanchi, Siva Kanchi, Buddha Kanchi and Jaina Kanchi.

    With its foundation deeply routed to this historical city of Kanchipuram and a vintage of 10 years in the market, Rajan & Rajan Industries has evolved with manufacturing Raja Melathalam an exceedingly traditional touch to serve clients across the globe. Rajan & Rajan Industries also has a network with over 100 dealers all over India.

    The success of this organization is driven by the contribution of traditional business people and ace professionals from multinationals.

    The Raja Brand has the strongest brand identity in South India in the market of Hindu religious products and will remain to serve clients with a great deal of commitment.

    Rajan & Rajan industries follow QCD principles

    • Right Quality, Cost & Timely delivery
    • We at Rajan & Rajan industries ensure QCD through,
    • We have our own manufacturing units
    • We source our requirements from the manufacturers for sustainable quality standards.
    • The organization has adequate infrastructure and professional support to offer products in world class standards.
    • We are functioning a successful industry as a sister concern of Raja Spiritual Super Market Pvt Ltd.
    Raja Mela Thalam


    Temple Drum
    Drum Size Size Recommended
    for Temple sqft
    10" HD 65 X 50 X 52 (CMS) 250 Sqft Rs.11100
    12" HD 71 X 41 X 56 (CMS) 500 sqft Rs.14510
    15" HD & HOP 76 X 43 X 56 (CMS) 750 Sqft Rs.15900
    15" DD 133 X 43 X 56 (CMS) Above 1250 Sqft Rs.31310
    18" HD & HOP 90 X 51 X 69 (CMS) 1000 Sqft Rs.20570
    24" HD 122 X 41 X 74 (CMS) Above 1250 Sqft Rs.27990
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    Installation Process

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    Factory Inside

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      Basic Trouble Shooting

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      No.40 Sidco Industrial Estate,
      Orikkai, Kanchipuram -631501



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